Petka 4: Den nezavisimosti (Petka 4: Independence Day)

The two veterans of adventure sagas are back again!

As a result of careless handling of the Time Machine (don't do this at home!), Petka and Vasily Ivanovich move along the space-time continuum and fall down to the flying zeppelin from the piece of ice broken off from Alaska. It is 2050, the temperature is fine, the birds are singing, the sun is shining. Russia is reborn from the ruins and becomes the only supreme power in the world. Everything seems to be fine but for these annoying aliens who lay claims again.


Nedetskie Skazki (Unchildish Tales)

Due to the unbelievable events, an ordinary guy Ivan (later on, we will find out that he is not that ordinary) leaves the modern world of computers, cell phones, Internet and Viagra and gets into the world of Russian folk legends. However, it is not that nice in there as it used to be before! The dominance of the foreign culture has reached the world of Russian folk tales. The balance of power is broken by the dominance of the overseas vermin.

Baba-Yaga gens Ivan up on the situation – a russian folk world is suffering from the expansion conducted by foreign spirits. This foreign evil - magic characters from the folk songs of different nations – feels really comfortable after gaining the suppot of king's courtyard and Koshchei the Deathless. According to Baba-Yaga, the main evil is in Koshchei's treason. She gives Ivan a task – to bring a petition to the king preliminarily collecting the signatures of the inhabitants of the magic wold.


Dvenadtsat Stuliev (Twelve Chairs)

“Dvenadtsat Stuliev” is another game developed by “Saturn-plus” and “Buka” Company which carries on the series of animated adventure games.

This time the game is based on the immortal works by I.Ilf and E.Petrov. A dying mother-in-law of Ippolit Matveevich Vorobianinov tells him about the diamonds she has hidden in one of the 12 chairs of a family chair suite. Ippolit Matveevich decides to find the treasure alone but according to the twist of fate he comes across Ostap Bender - the Great Adventurer.


Chernyi Oasis (Black Oasis)

In the near 2019 the provincial city of Chernozersk is overwhelmed by a series of dreadful murders. Militia and Federal Security Service run off their legs to find the mysterious maniac killer, the city is surrounded by the military. The citizens are in panic and are leaving the city but the murders do not stop...

The main character comes to his senses and finds himself in the morgue. The previous day is vague. Chaos is all around, dead bodies are everywhere. There is one question in the head – what the hell happened?


Agent: Osoboe zadanie (Agent: Special Mission)

A mafia boss disappears in a resort town. A special agent Constantine Gromov is sent to the southern town on a special mission to investigate the case.

Appraising the situation, Gromov tries to gain confidence of the two gangs in the town that struggle for power and control over drug traffic, prostitution, casino.... and of course they fight each other. The information revealed in the course of the investigation is so secret that endangers the life of the special agent...