Game description

Once upon a time, Carlo was looking for a wood blank for a ligneous boy and dropped in an abandoned junkyard, where he found an old and mossy log which had been used as an executioner's block in the old days. The block used to be located on the town square and absorbed as much evil and suffering as the entire army of maniacs had.

So, Carlo sawed off a piece of wood and went home anticipating with pleasure the boy he is going to carve. Well, the material speaks for itself. Smoke a cigarette? - Sure thing! Hit on Malvina? - No problem! Play cards? - Yep! I wish I had more money in my pockets...

Buratillo is a nightmare for citizens, a pain in the neck for a police, a friend for hobos and spongers. Humor and jokes, unexpected events and original gameplay – this is what you will see in this game. The prototype of the main hero is the character created by “Mukha” studio. You can learn more about Buratillo here: www.myxa.tv

Minimum System Requirements
- Windows 2000, XP, Vista
- Intel 700, AMD 700
- 512 MB RAM
- GeForce 2 MX / Radeon 7500 Graphics Card
- 1 GB free HD space

Release date
18th September 2008