About us

“Saturn-plus” Company was founded in March, 1999. At that time the main participants of the project already had various experience in game development.

Most games we have created belong to the “adventure” genre. This genre orientation was not accidental as the Company was founded on the basis of the 2D animation department and we elaborated an original technology which helped to implement precise adventure gameplay solutions. The first 2D adventure projects by “Saturn-plus” Company were “Prikluchenia Poruchika Rzhevskogo” (The Adventures of Lieutenant Rzhevsky), “The Musicians of Bremen”, “Agent: Osoboe Zadanie” (Agent: Special Mission).

Nearly a year after our foundation, besides 2D technology, the development arsenal was supplemented with 3D version of the engine. Right after it the following 3D adventure projects were released: “Jazz and Faust” (published by “1C”; sales in USA, Germany, Bulgaria), “Midnight Nowhere” (published by “Buka”; sales in Germany, Spain, Hungary, Poland).

We have also developed the “BorderZone” RPG and economic strategy “Vikings”.

However, you may say that the most famous of our projects are “Petka” series. We have started these series from the 3rd part and developed 6 parts throughout 6 years. The latest part “Petka 9: Proletarsky Glamour” (Petka 9: Proletarian Glamour) was released in January, 2009. With each next part the project has evolved from 2D linear adventure to a full-fledged 3D adventure game with a non-linear gameplay, mini-games and arcade features.

Throughout the entire life of “Saturn-plus” we have released 28 projects and 26 of them are adventure games. Some of them – “Den Vyborov” (The Election Day), “Tupoi Dozor” (Dumb Watch), “Nikto ne Znaet pro Seks” (No one Knows About Sex), “Neznaika and Barrabass”, “Buratillo” - are based on popular movies and animated cartoons.

Our latest project “Shtyrlyts 4” published by “Magnamedia” was released in March, 2009. This is our try to reanimate once famous adventure series that parody the ventures of a well-known spy and it is quite a successful try – these series have reached a new quality level.

More than 100 people have worked at the Company during the time of its activity. Most of them are still in the game development. Currently, the Company has a professional staff with wide working experience. Thus the Company has all means to create the project from scratch: starting from concept stage and up to Master disc, including sound engineering, voice-overs and sound FX, i.e., a full production cycle with the following technical support.

At different times “Saturn-plus” Company has collaborated with such well-known Russian publishers as: “Buka”, “1C”, “Akella”, “Magnamedia”. We are always open to a mutual cooperation both in Russia and abroad.