Game description

“BorderZone” is a classic RPG with action elements. The role playing part here is implemented in a traditional way: characters that join the team, the heroes that have certain adjustable parameters and a permanent interaction with the game world – dialogues, completion of objectives, trade, exchange, receipt and distribution of the experience, movement along the storyline. The storyline of “BorderZone” unfolds in the Khamirr region which belongs to the game world that people call Therra. Time – nine thousand years A.D.. Nobody knows whether Therra is the future or the past of the Earth.

The adventures of the main character start on May 3285 (according to the local calendar) in Tharia – a province of Khamirr which lies northwards. His name is Olaf and he lives in the fort “Severny” which is located at the outside part of the northern extremity of Khamirr and is used as a base frontier point. While generating the character, you can select Olaf's class (thief, wizards or soldier), his skills, weapons and spells. The player will have an opportunity to control 6 characters at the same time; some of them are mercenaries (there are up to 10 mercenaries in the game) and join the team for a limited amount of time.

The storyline of “BorderZone” is non-linear and tells about the events that happen many years after a global disaster called the Breakup – a disaster that has taken away the lives of all 5 billions of people at once. Olaf is going to to explore new lands, get acquainted with many characters, complete great number of objectives, learn magic and art of war and, finally, enter a fierce battle with those whom the residents of Therra consider to be their Gods. The outcome of the resistance will become the fate of Therra – no less than this. Who will eventually rule the planet and live in this huge, mysterious, wonderful and diverse world which is not very friendly towards people? This depends on You...

Minimum System Requirements
- Windows 98, XP
- Intel 700 / AMD 700
- 256 MB RAM
- 32MB 3D accelerated graphics card
- 3 GB free HD space

Release date
20th January 2005