Nedetskie Skazki (Unchildish Tales)

Game description

Due to the unbelievable events, an ordinary guy Ivan (later on, we will find out that he is not that ordinary) leaves the modern world of computers, cell phones, Internet and Viagra and gets into the world of Russian folk legends. However, it is not that nice in there as it used to be before! The dominance of the foreign culture has reached the world of Russian folk tales. The balance of power is broken by the dominance of the overseas vermin.

Baba-Yaga gens Ivan up on the situation – a russian folk world is suffering from the expansion conducted by foreign spirits. This foreign evil - magic characters from the folk songs of different nations – feels really comfortable after gaining the suppot of king's courtyard and Koshchei the Deathless. According to Baba-Yaga, the main evil is in Koshchei's treason. She gives Ivan a task – to bring a petition to the king preliminarily collecting the signatures of the inhabitants of the magic wold.

But this is not the end of the main hero's adventures. After exposing the true enemy, Ivan gets a chance to give him what he deserves. The final part of the game will pleasantly surprise all fans of adventure games as it won't be just a traditional drinking of beer but something else as well...

Minimum System Requirements
- Windows 98/Ме, 2000, XP
- Intel 200 / AMD 200
- 64 MB RAM
- 4MB Graphics Card
- 700 МB free HD space

Release date
4th September 2003