Bumerang (Boomerang)

Game description

The novice bandit called Banan gets involved into a big trouble. The former FBI agent Zversky, accompanied by our hero, is killed and his briefcase with a huge sum of money disappears without a trace.

Banan becomes the main suspect! Now his boss Ammonal keeps him as a prisoner and this won't end well for a young gangster. Then it unfolds: loss of consciousness in the morgue, the ambush set by Voodoo acolytes, the revival of Nazi squad and much more! Don't miss the most ultimate adventure game of present!

Minimum System Requirements
- Windows 98/Ме, 2000, XP
- Intel 1000 / AMD 1000
- 64 MB RAM
- 32MB Graphics Card
- 700 МB free HD space

Release date
2nd May 2006