Petka 5: Konets Igry (Petka 5: The End of the Game)

Game description

Did you ever have a dream that seemed to be a reality? It appears that Petka and Vasily Ivanovich had such a dream. Or was it just a fake?

The fact is that our heroes gain consciousness in Petka's house in Gadukino. They feel a bit sick. It is essential to find out how they got in there and what are they to do. But what if Petka and Vasily Ivanovich are the members of some secret metaphysical experiment? It is so secret that remain unknown even to those who should know everything due to their social position. What if their loyal friend Anka is a an intermediary agent who plays the part of the observer in order to control the course of the experiment?

Petka and Vasily Ivanivich will have to investigate this. During their adventure they will have to make their way in the white army rear, travel on the trolley, visit the gang of Makhno, unite the separated relatives and perform many other (good and not really) social acts. But... are you sure this story is going to end well?

Minimum System Requirements
- Windows 98/Ме, 2000, XP
- Intel 200 / AMD 200
- 64 MB RAM
- 4MB Graphics Card
- 700 МB free HD space

Release date
1st October 2004