Petka 9: Proletarsky Glamur (Petka 9: Proletarian Glamour)

Game description

What will our heroes face in the new part?

Terrible reality of the future Russia and vile maniac hairdresser. Social battle between Lenin and Chapaev in which our brave commander will need not only his sabre and support of his loyal friends but his wits as well! Petka's balalaika play used to kill rats! Will it manage the spying satellite? Chapaev has a talk show on TV. You will learn about a weepy story where Vasily Ivanovich had to fight like gladiator in order to save his sexual orientation! Damn Mister X... The whole truth, dark past, evil plans. You will see “legendary” pop stars of the modern show business.

Minimum System Requirements
- Windows XP/Vista
- Pentium III 1000
- 512 MB RAM
- nVidia GeForce 5/ATI Radeon 9500 128 Mb, Intel Graphics G965 Graphics Card
- 3 GB free HD space

Release date
29th January 2009