Chernyi Oasis (Black Oasis)

Game description

In the near 2019 the provincial city of Chernozersk is overwhelmed by a series of dreadful murders. Militia and Federal Security Service run off their legs to find the mysterious maniac killer, the city is surrounded by the military. The citizens are in panic and are leaving the city but the murders do not stop...

The main character comes to his senses and finds himself in the morgue. The previous day is vague. Chaos is all around, dead bodies are everywhere. There is one question in the head – what the hell happened?

This answer to this one the player will know only after he reaches the finale of the game... By solving one puzzle after another, the main character little by little restores the chain of events. During the game he will face zombies, use chopped off fingers, heads and many other things that make our blood freeze. While collecting everything that is easy to steal (teeth, bones, fingers, heads) the player seizes an opportunity to solve the next puzzle.

The gameplay is rich in black humor and the original storyline makes the game really exciting.

After a long way and meetings with cops, dead men and even shamans, the main character solves all intrigues and learns the truth... but will it bring happiness to his life?

Minimum System Requirements
- Windows 98/Ме, 2000, XP
- Intel 400 / AMD 400
- 64 MB RAM
- 16MB 3D accelerated graphics card
- 1 GB free HD space

Release date
22nd November 2002