Bumerang (Boomerang)

The novice bandit called Banan gets involved into a big trouble. The former FBI agent Zversky, accompanied by our hero, is killed and his briefcase with a huge sum of money disappears without a trace.

Banan becomes the main suspect! Now his boss Ammonal keeps him as a prisoner and this won't end well for a young gangster. Then it unfolds: loss of consciousness in the morgue, the ambush set by Voodoo acolytes, the revival of Nazi squad and much more! Don't miss the most ultimate adventure game of present!


Neznaika and Barrabass

At the dawn of the XX century, when steamers were invented and cell phones did not exist even in the most progressive minds, there lived small forest people in the woods at the sea coast. They were just a few inches high and had their own small town. They drank juices and nectars and ordinary people never saw them behind the leaves of the fern.

The small town has a post office, typography, telegraph and trams. The main characters are Znaika – a smart journalist and his kid brother Neznaika. Ther are also Indian Ski, Cowboy Mik, Fisher Lim, Professor Brom, Mechanic Bursh, Murzilka and many others. All of the them are very creative and many their inventions are ahead of time. Everything in the Town is moving, puffing, crackling, making noise and giving a hand.



“BorderZone” is a classic RPG with action elements. The role playing part here is implemented in a traditional way: characters that join the team, the heroes that have certain adjustable parameters and a permanent interaction with the game world – dialogues, completion of objectives, trade, exchange, receipt and distribution of the experience, movement along the storyline. The storyline of “BorderZone” unfolds in the Khamirr region which belongs to the game world that people call Therra. Time – nine thousand years A.D.. Nobody knows whether Therra is the future or the past of the Earth.


Petka 5: Konets Igry (Petka 5: The End of the Game)

Did you ever have a dream that seemed to be a reality? It appears that Petka and Vasily Ivanovich had such a dream. Or was it just a fake?

The fact is that our heroes gain consciousness in Petka's house in Gadukino. They feel a bit sick. It is essential to find out how they got in there and what are they to do. But what if Petka and Vasily Ivanovich are the members of some secret metaphysical experiment? It is so secret that remain unknown even to those who should know everything due to their social position. What if their loyal friend Anka is a an intermediary agent who plays the part of the observer in order to control the course of the experiment?


Strashilki: Shestoe Chuvstvo (Bogeyman Sories: Sixth Sense)

She's aggressive and truly smart. Violent but just. Independent and has no fear of anything. She deals with her problems herself. Who is he? Maybe a Scandinavian warrior or a fierce Amazon? Or is she a pirate leader?

No! This is a little girl named Shiza. The one who decides to be in her way takes risks. The one who tries to be rude, will get his due! She has a telling argument against all intrigues of her foes – a thrust with a combat trowel which is always close in hand. Well... and if anyone tries to hurt Shiza's dog...