Pyatachok: Bolshoe kosmicheskoe puteshestvie (Pyatachok: Big Space Travel)

What is Sun?

This time Pyatachok will take part in the journey over the endless space. He will meet with aliens, space pirates, Big Dipper, the Sun itself and learn many new and interesting things about the structure of the solar system, space objects and our planet. This is a kind and fascinating game carries on the famous series of adventure games about Pyatachok and tells your child about the basics of a wonderful science – astronomy. The game will also tell him about the solar system, celestial bodies and stars. Together with Pyatachok, your kid will find the answers to many tricky questions, save the planet from space pirates and visit the Sun.


Tupoi Dozor (Dumb Watch)

We all know it is dangerous on the streets. But here we talk not about maniacs and criminals.

When the dumbness falls and the forces of Idiocy dominate, you can face anything.

The force of dumbs is so great that is is impossible to defeat them with the help of common weapons. But they are being followed by those who have been fighting and destroying the children of stupidity for centuries in accordance to the Agreement concluded a thousand years ago between the Illicit and the Dumb... Their name is a Dumb Watch. Their goal is to keep balance between the Good and the Evil: if the balance breaks, it will bring revolutions, wars and universal disasters. The main scout of the Dumb Watch Artem Nevtryndetsky is ready to deal with any problems! This morning Gesser, sipping “Necafe”, tells him about the disaster which is about to burst... and so the wild battle with the Dumb begins!


Petka 007: Zoloto Partii (Petka 007: The Gold of the Party)

Have you already saved the galaxy from the aliens? Been to Alaska and Amazonian jungles, Gadukino and Brighton Beach in the past, future and present time? It seems the galaxy can relax! Yep!

The civil war is over, the white army destroyed and our famous heroes are about to rest. But... Furmanov has a new mission for us. A new mission from a main revolutionary in the country. Top secret and complicated. Very complicated. Extremely complicated. We have never known other ones!


Vikingi (Vikings)

Vikings! Just 1000 years ago this word made the faces of brave Scandinavian kings went pale and their queens used to faint. In the economical strategy “Vikings” you will have a chance to put fear in the half of the world again by becoming a fierce chief and head the great crusade against the Europe.

After landing on the enemy territory you should build and fortify your settlements to protect them from the enemy. Assemble the troop and supply your warriors with equipment; otherwise they will perish in the first battle. Praise Scandinavian gods and gain their protection.


Nikto ne znaet pro seks (No one Knows about Sex)

This humorous game have appeared after the premiere of the dazzling comedy “No one Knows about Sex”. This funny story tells about the adventures of the brave old man Makar who heads for the capital of Russia after his grandson. The old man from a quiet Siberian taiga is a fast worker and will make it hot for Moscow citizens. Right after the start of the game, the old man has problems with militia and gets behind bars. However, it is not that easy to break the spirit of the hunter from taiga wilderness! The old man will solve the mystery of the ancient Chinese writings on the birch. He will rip away the mask of the famous TV anchorwoman and go mad at the spicy reality-show “No one Knows about Sex”.